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Virtuagirl Review (VirtuagirlHD)

Rating: 9.5/10
Categories: Strippers, Pole Dancing, Lingerie, Uniforms, Dancers, Hot Babes
Content: HD Videos, High Quality Picture Galleries, Desktop Strippers and Dancers

What is Virtuagirl? It is a free program that shows strippers dance on your desktop while you are working on your computer. The HD version is really amazing, since you can have these model girls in high resolution and almost fill up your entire screen?

If you want more strippers and longer virtual dances, then you have two options. You can buy a monthly membership, or just pay for the girls that you want. It's really convenient since you won't have to worry about recurring charges, and you can download girls whenever you want. With the Monthly membership ($9.95 to $14.95 a month), you can get a full nude show delivered to your desktop every day. For what you get, the price is very reasonable.

We found out about this program years ago, when it was just version 1 of virtuagirl. Soon they expanded to version 2, providing bigger strippers/dancers on your desktop. Finally, they released the High Definition (HD) version of virtuagirl!!!

Image Galleries and Videos
The website also contains high resolution image galleries and videos for their girls.

Final Thoughts
This is my favorite adult product and website because the image quality is VERY GOOD. I also like having a sexy dancer on my taskbar stripping away, or teasing me while I work. Virtuagirl is definately a unique product, and so far, I have not found anything else that compares.

Membership has been simplified. Now you can be a monthly subscription, or just pay for the strips you want. I like this idea because now I can just choose the girls I want to download, and the women who I don't want to download without paying a recurring cost. But who knows. When I first signed up (version 1), I remained a member for a couple years and had hundreds of hot girls strippers stripping away on my computer.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If not, enjoy my website, and download free images, videos, and dancers.